Live and Dangerous

Format: DVD
Extras: Live-CD and a 12 page colour booklet
Label: Mercury Records
Release Date: October 11, 2007
(restaurerad bild och ljud i 5.1 surround. I extramaterialet finns mer material live.)


Live 1978 at Rainbow theatre
1. Introduction/Rosalie
2. The Boys Are Back in Town
3. Emerald
4. Dancing in The Moonlight
5. Massacre
6. Call On Me
7. Don't Believe a Word
8. Are You Ready
9. Sha La La
10. Baby Drives Me Crazy
11. Finale/Me And The Boys


Sight & sound in concert (live 1983)
12. Jailbreak
13. This is the one
14. Cold sweat
15. The sun goes down
16. Holy war
17. The boys are back in town
18. Rosalie
19. Baby please don't go

Top of the pops
20. Whiskey in the jar
21. Jailbreak
22. Dancin' in the moonlight
23. Waiting for an alibi
24. Don't believe a word

45min with:
Brian Downey
Brian Robertson
Scott Gorham

Bonus cd
Live from Derby 1975
25. Fighting
26. Wild one
27. Still in love with you
28. Suicide
29. Sha la la la
30. Baby drives me crazy
31. Me and the boys

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